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Ultra Mark Paint


Formulated to generate superior brilliance for long-range visibility. Before marking a dark surface, spray a coat of white to enhance the brightness of the paint. The Ultra-Mark spray paint contains no fluorocarbons, making it non-toxic after drying. Top discharge valve for ease of use. All Keson paint is water based.


A 16-ounce can provides approx. 250 feet of a 4-inch wide line. A 20-ounce can covers approx. 300 feet with the same 4-inch line.

How much Paint is in the can? Compare the Net Weights.
Federal law requires that the cans clearly label the net weight of paint.

20 ounce cans =
Keson: 17 oz. of paint + 3 oz. of propellant
(for 16 oz. cans it’s 14:2)
Most Competitors: 15 – 16 oz. of paint + 4 or 5 oz. of propellant
(for their 16 oz. cans it’s 13:3)

100% of Keson paint is made in the USA.

Shelf life of a can of paint is approximately 1 year.

Ultra Mark Paint

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