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Red Heat Q955 Screen Disk

RED HEAT Q955 SCREEN • 100% patented SG ceramic grain • Extremely sharp and fast cutting • 2-3 times the life of Silicon Carbide • Produces a finer scratch pattern than Silicon Carbide minimizing swirl marks

Crafted with a 100-percent ceramic alumina-grain abrasive on a screen back, Red Heat Q955 CA medium grit screen floor sanding discs deliver an unsurpassed combination of longevity and and cut consistency. The best choice for medium grit sanding jobs, these discs last two to three times as long as silicon carbide discs and deliver finer scratch patterns with minimal swirl marks while eliminating risk of wood burnishing. The ultra-tough, F-weight screen backing is ultra-flexible and shock-absorbent for versatility during challenging conditions.

Red Heat Q955 Screen Disk

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