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Large Diameter Floor Sanding Disk

• 100% silicon carbide abrasive with heavy E, F and
combination paper backings for quality cut and strength
• Value and consistent performance at a competitive price
• Versatile cut ideal for soft to medium hardness of wood

Used for
hard plating
Aggressive cutting
easily blends scratches
from edger and
drum sanders.

For final sanding to
prevent dish out of
softer grain
Reduces dish out of
springwood on strip and
plank floors.

Ideal for surface prep on
wood and concrete to
remove various residues


Double-sided discs make hard plating
simpler and easier by eliminating the
need to mechanically fasten the disc
to the bottom of the buffer. When using
single sided large discs in hard plating,
it is recommended to apply two discs
at a time making sure the slots at the
center hole of each disc are offset.

This will help prevent the disc from
prematurely tearing at the center hole.
Always use a screen driver pad with a
double sided disc to prevent slippage,
and get the flattest surface possible.

You can sandwich a screen driver pad
between two double sided discs
to increase stiffness for an even
flatter surface

Large Diameter Floor Sanding Disk

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