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Moisture Meters
 Pinless Moisture Meters use electro-magnetic wave technology, which measures density in a three dimensional field underneath the instrument. If moisture varies within the segment, the average moisture content is indicated. Corrections are available for different wood species. Wood temperature does not affect moisture readings. Pin Moisture Meters measure the electrical resistance between two pins. If moisture varies within the small measuring area, the highest value is indicated. Corrections are available for different wood species and different wood temperatures.
Lignomat’s Pinless Moisture Meters Lignomat’s Pin Moisture Meters
  • Scan large areas quickly and are  good
      indicators for water pockets and moisture
       changes across the board.
  • Leaves no pin holes.
  • Indicates average within measuring field. Cannot
       show differences between surface and core
       moisture. *
  • Requires a smooth surface and a flat measuring
  • Select the Scanner with the appropriate measuring
       depth 1/4″ or 3/4″, dual-depth with 1/4″ and 3/4″.

    *Dual-depth meters can indicate differences between surface and core moisture.
  • Give precise readings and are good
       indicators for evenly or unevenly
       dried wood.
  • Leave two pin holes.
  • Indicate highest moisture value.
       Insulated pins measure only at the
       depth they are driven to.
  • Not affected by surface texture or
       shape as long as both pins can be
  • Measure narrow spaces up to 7″ deep
       with EL Pins. Can be extended with
       remote cables and probes.

Moisture Meters

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