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Red Heat H955 Paper Hook and Loop Discs

RED HEAT H955 PAPER • 100% patented SG (Seeded Gel) ceramic grain produces much finer scratch pattern than silicon carbide; extremely sharp, fast cutting and 2-3 times the life of silicon carbide; Perfect on harder wood species • Inter-woven polyester knit backing and increased durability and life • Full resin bond and excellent grain retention

Tackle the hardest edging jobs and aluminum oxide finishes with this durable Red Heat H955 CA coarse grit paper H&L edger disc. Its powerful ceramic alumina grain keeps an exceptionally sharp cutting surface that works fast and leaves the cleanest scratch pattern and smoothest finish possible on parquet and some of the hardest wood floors in common use. This disc uses an ultra-tough, stiff F-weight backing to resist tearing and snagging and to make aggressive cuts through tough material, while assured color consistency ensures no color transfer on the finish. A hook-and-loop back makes it simple to mount and change discs.

Red Heat H955 Paper Hook and Loop Discs

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