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Flooring Nailer Tune Up Kits


Powernailer Tune-Up Parts Kits

For the use with Powernail Hardwood Flooring Nailers and Staplers

Model 35U Underlayment 08-35U-TU-KIT
Model 45/45R T&G Nailer 08-45-TU-KIT
Model 50C for 3/8″ 08-50C-38
Model 50C for 1/2″ 08-50C-12
Model 50C Face Nailer 08-50CF-TU-KIT
Model 101/101R 08-101-TU-KIT
Model 200 09-200-TU-KIT
Model 250 08-250-TU-KIT
Model  445 09-445-TU-KIT
Model  445SN 09-445SN-TU-KIT
Model 50P 09-50P-TU-KIT
Model 50M 08-50M-TU-KIT

FLEX & Power Roller Conversion Kits (for 50P)

FLEX Foot Kit 06-99-600
50P Power Roller Kit 06-99-601
445 FLEX Power Roller Kit 06-99-602
445FS Stapler Roller Kit 06-99-603

Seal Kits

Seal Kit (1 each of all seals for Models 445, 50P, 200, 445FS): 09-200-3058A
Seal Kit (Contains all 6 O-rings  for the Model 2000): 09-20FN-2090SK
Seal Kit (Contains all 6 O-rings for Model 20FS): 09-20FS-5090SK
Seal Kit (Contains all 6 O-rings for the PowerPalm): 09-PALM-KIT1

Adapter Plates & Shoes

#825 Adapter Plate (for Model 45) 06-99-010
#826 1/2″ Flooring Adapter Plate
(Model 45)
#826 5/8″ Flooring Adapter Plate
(Model 45)
#825 Adaper Plate with riser
(Model 45)
Nailer Shoe for Model 445 06-99-420
Nailer Shoe for Models 45 &45R 06-99-430

Miscellaneous Kits

Model 100/200 Powerjack
Tune-Up Kit:
Model 100/200 Powerjack
Overhaul Kit:
Model 50P/50M
Adapter Pad & Shim Kit:
Model 200/250
Adapter Pad  & Shim Kit:
Model 200/445/445SN
Seal Kit:  (1 each of all seals)
Stapler to Cleats (100 capacity) Conversion Kit 06-99570
Stapler to Cleats (200 capacity) Conversion Kit 06-99580

Flooring Nailer Tune Up Kits

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