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Moisture Meter Accessories


  For mini-Ligno MD/C, mini-Ligno S/DC, mini-Ligno DX/C
For Lignometer K, Ligno-VersaTec
  For Ligno-Tec RH
For Ligno-DuoTec BW and Ligno-VersaTec

Electrodes Pin Meters

Optimize usage of your moisture meter with one of Lignomat’s electrodes.  Key factors material to be measured and measuring depth. Pins are made for easy penetration, maximum strength and low breakage.

Accessories RH Meters

For use as Thermo-Hygrometer and in-situ RH testing in concrete. Accessories include RH BluePeg probe, cable, adapter, sleeves, cleaning brush, vacuum attachment, calibration salts.

Pins and Cables

Select the electrode you are using or want to purchase. Available cables and pins are listed following the description of each electrode.

Calibration RH

RH Probes and RH meter:Calibration Check Salts are available to check RH Probes and RH meter function.
  Each mini-Ligno comes with two pair of pins for a measuring depth of 3/16″ and 7/16″.    

Calibration Pin/Pinless

The calibration of Lignomat’s pin and pinless meters is checked and adjusted internally automatically, before each measurement. If a calibration check is needed, functions of pin meter, cable and electrode can be verified with test blocks TP (pin). For pinless meters use test block TS (pinless).

Moisture Meter Accessories

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