Woodwise No Shrink Patch-Quick Wood Filler 6 Lb Box Maple Ash Pine

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No Shrink Patch-Quick

A great new addition to the WOODWISE line of wood fillers, this unique new dry wood patch was formulated specifically for filling large voids, without shrinking! This product is easy to mix, sets hard in 30 minutes, sands and stains easily, fills all sizes of voids without shrinking, can be coated over with finish, will not freeze in its powdered form, cleans up with water, is environmentally friendly and cost effective, and contains no harsh solvents. No Shrink Patch-Quick is available in 1.5-lb bags and 6-lb boxes, in 5 different colors: Red Oak, White Oak, Maple-Ash-Pine, Knot Brown, Mineral Streak Black.