Waterlox TB6050 Raw Tung Oil - Gallon

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Waterlox TB6050 Raw Tung Oil - Gallon

What is Tung Oil?

Tung oil is made from pressed seeds from the nut of the tung tree. The tung tree, native to China, is named for its heart-shaped leaves because “tung” is Chinese for “heart.” In the 14th century, Chinese merchants were noted for using tung oil to waterproof and protect wooden ships from the eroding powers of the sea. There are even mentions of tung oil appearing in the writings of Confucius in around 400 B.C. For these reasons, it is also sometimes referred to as “China wood oil.”

Pure tung oil is considered a drying oil much like linseed, safflower, poppy and soybean oil and is known to have a slightly golden tint. Tung oil, which is a ctually a vegetable oil, is considered the best penetrating drying oil available due to its unique ability to wet the surface, allowing it to penetrate even the densest woods. Unlike linseed oil, it will not darken with age.


What is Tung Oil? Tung oil is not a new ingredient. The tung tree is indigenes to China. Chinese merchants used tung oil back in the 14th century to waterproof and protect wooden ships from the eroding powers of the sea.

The tung tree is named for its heart-shaped leaves (tung is Chinese for heart).

Tung oil is produced by harvesting the nuts that grow in cluster.

They are dried and shucked and the, transparent oil is squeezed from the seeds inside.

This rich oil never loses elasticity and penetrates deep into the pores of the wood.

The tung tree matures to bear fruit in about 3 years, and an acre of tung trees will produce about 2 tons of tung nuts and yield about 100 gallons of tung oil annually.

Until hurricane Camille in 1969, there where many tung tree plantations in the Gulf States, and while domestic tung oil production is making a comeback, today we get most of our tung oil from China and Argentina. Tung Oil A natural ingredient pressed from the nut of the Tung tree.

Tung oil is a superior drying oil because it penetrates better than other drying oils due to its smaller molecule size as well as it provides a beautiful patina.

Tung oil alone does not form a film and will water spot, mar from heat and cold and will not stand up to foot traffic.

Raw tung oil also takes a long time to dry.

Product Information:

Give your projects a natural long-lasting finish with a product that is environmentally friendly – Tung oil, like walnut and linseed oils, is a well-known drying oil that produces a protective film on wood. However, unlike other drying oils, tung oil enjoys an almost mythic reputation for protecting and beautifying woods of all kinds. Our tung oil is completely natural, filtered to remove sediment but otherwise unprocessed. It is literally 100% raw tung oil and nothing else. Because our tung oil is a natural product (no attempt to remove fatty acids or change other qualities), there will be some variations in color and appearance.


  • 100% Pure Tung Oil
  • Easy To Apply
  • Produces A Rich Lustrous Sheen

  • VOC Regulated Product - Please see VOC Regulated page for details.