ProTeam 100431 Vacuum Cleaner Bags 10 Pack

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ProTeam 100431 Vacuum Cleaner Bags 10 Pack

Genuine ProTeam Intercept Micro Filter Bags

  • Proteam QuarterVac TailVac ProVac Backpack 10pk Paper Bags 6 Quart
    These are ProTeam factory Intercept Micro filters for the ProTeam ProVac, AviationVac, QuarterVac, Super QuarterVac, TailVac, QuietPro BP, GoCartVac, and the Super QuarterVac HEPA. These bags have 496 inches of filter media and comes 10 per pack. The new double-pleated design provides more filtration area so filters last longer. The INTERCEPT micro filter prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. Genuine Pro Team part. These are disposable filters and not to be re-used. The factory recommendation is to change the filter bag when it reaches 3/4 full.
    OEM Part Number: 100431
    • Improves indoor air quality
    • Ensures optimal performance
    • 10 bags per package
    #100431 6 Qt. Intercept Micro Filter Open Collar Bag, 1 pk of 10 fits Super QuarterVac HEPA, QuarterVac , TailVac, ProVac BP, QuietPro BP HEPA, GoCartVac, AviationVac. Thicker, won't shred, treated with antimicrobial organic agent. Double pleated design gives 21% more filtration area.