Midwest Snips MWT-2110 Tinner Snips - Replaceable Blade - Offset Right Cut

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Midwest Snips MWT-2110 Tinner Snips - Replaceable Blade -  Offset Right Cut


Offset Right Replaceable Blade Snip

Cuts straight and tight right curves. Easiest used in left hand. 2-3/4"(70mm) length of cut and replaceable blades.


Nominal Length: 13"
Cut Length: 2-3/4"
Cutting Capacity (CR/SS): 24/28
Cuts right curves and long straight cuts
Best used in left hand

Tinner Snips - Replaceable Blade
Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company's replaceable blade MagSnips® products feature industry leading quality and unmatched features and benefits. All models of MagSnips feature easily replaceable blades making them ideal for use in cutting materials that can dull blades quickly such as roofing and siding materials with abrasive coatings. MagSnips weigh only half as much as comparable size traditional tinner snips making them much easier to handle on the jobsite and less fatiguing to use.

The patented design of offset models MWT2110 and MWT2210 flow material away from the blades allowing these models to be easily advanced without interference from the material being cut and making it easier to cut long materials.

The offset design of these models also keeps the users hand safely above the material being cut. Offset models also feature a large capacity blade opening for cutting a wide range of materials and a full 2-3/4 inch length of cut. Model MWT2210 is best used in the right hand for making straight cuts and for cutting curves to the left. Model MWT2110 is best used the left hand for making straight cuts and for cutting curves to the right. Model M1200 is a regular straight blade pattern model that can be used in either hand for straight cuts or cutting wide curves to both the left and the right.

While MagSnips can be used to cut almost any sheet material, they were designed to specifically to cut all types of vinyl and aluminum siding, metal roofing materials, asphalt shingles, flashing and gutter materials, vinyl flooring, and screening.

MagSnips® cut a variety of materials including vinyl and aluminum siding, metal roofing materials, shingles, metal flashing, vinyl flooring and screening.

Features and Benefits

Light-in-weight cast magnesium frame weighs half as much as comparable size traditional tinner snips, making MagSnips(tm) versatile and easy to maneuver. Offset models weigh just 14 oz and the straight cut model weight 13 oz.

Replaceable blades are economical and easy to replace. Each replaceable blade kit includes replacement blades, screws, and nuts and a center pivot bolt nut.

Offset models feature a patented design that flows material away from the blades making it easy to cut long materials and keeping the hand safely above the working surface. A 2-3/4 inch cut length makes long cuts easy and the extended blade tips make it easy to get.

Comfortable handle bows
are contoured to fit the user's hand with finger hole below the bow to aid in gripping and guiding the tool while cutting.


• canvas • gasket materials • rubber
vinyl and aluminum
• cardboard • linoleum • screening
• carpet • plastic • sheet metal
and other similar
• cloth • roofing materials • strapping

*CR=cold-rolled sheet metal
SS=stainless steel sheet metal

16 ga = 0.062" / 1.57mm thickness
18 ga = 0.049" / 1.244mm thickness
20 ga = .037" / 0.940mm thickness
22 ga = 0.031" / 0.787mm thickness
24 ga = 0.021" / 0.533mm thickness
These products exceed all ASME Standards as minimum quality requirements.



This product carries a limited lifetime warranty. If blades or spring should break as a result of a manufacturing defect, return tool to manufacturer. This warranty does not cover any damage to this product as a result of its misuse or abuse, nor does it cover wear, dullness or damage to cutting edge resulting from misuse, abuse, extensive use, or attempts to re-sharpen. Manufacturer will determine if breakage or malfunction is result of manufacturing defect. Product will be repaired or replaced and returned or “warranty void” notification will be issued.