Midwest Snips MWT-1200R All-Purpose Straight Replacement Blade Kit

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All purpose blades are best suited for cutting metal siding, metal flashing, asphalt shingles, landscape materials, and canvas. Made in the USA
All-Purpose Straight Replacement Blade Kit

Replacement blade kit for MW-M1200. Includes both blades and fasteners. 


Nominal Length: n/a
Cut Length: 3-1/2"
Cutting Capacity (CR/SS): n/a
Fits M1200 Straigth MagSnips

This product carries a limited lifetime warranty. If blades or spring should break as a result of a manufacturing defect, return tool to manufacturer. This warranty does not cover any damage to this product as a result of its misuse or abuse, nor does it cover wear, dullness or damage to cutting edge resulting from misuse, abuse, extensive use, or attempts to re-sharpen. Manufacturer will determine if breakage or malfunction is result of manufacturing defect. Product will be repaired or replaced and returned or “warranty void” notification will be issued.