Lignomat E-14V Inspector Electrode E14 For Moisture Meters

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Electrode E14V for Lignometer K and Ligno-VersaTec

The slim E14 V has an ergonomic design to make the job of detecting moisture problems fast and easy. Teflon-insulated pins measure only at the tip.
Handle can be extended.

Electrode E14V comes with a 3ft long cable with BNC connector and 1 pair teflon-coated EG pins for 3/4″ measuring depth.
Weight 5 oz (140g). Length without pins 6.5″ (16.5cm)


Inspector Electrode E14

The Electrode E14 is designed to measure hard to reach areas in the building envelope. The slim shape allows for measuring in corners, around pipe, below window sills. The pins are teflon coated up to the Electrode handle. Therefore surface moisture is never picked-up, even if the pins are inserted all the way into the material. water-damage-repair-inspection inspection-restoration-meter-4
The knob at the end of the Electrode E14 can be removed and replaced by a standard broom stick or paint brush handle. For measuring ceilings without ladders or carpets without bending.
To reach even further into the material for inspections and EFIS measurements we offer the EL pins which can measure up to 7″ deep.
Lignomat moisture meters come with a full 2 year warranty. Accessories have a 1 year warranty, except pins and batteries.