Lignomat Concrete Electrode E16 For Moisture Meters

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The Electrode E16 is for measuring soft and hard building materials such as drywall, concrete, tile, brick and masonry. Adding the long teflon-coated EL Pins allows inspecting problem areas deep within floors, walls, roofs and ceilings independent of surface moisture. pin-moisture-meters-concrete-6
The advantage of Electrode E16 are the two single pin probes, which are easier to insert into hard material and hard to reach areas than the standard 2-pin electrode. An indispensable tool for building surveillance.
The Electrode E16 gives instant readings when measuring concrete. Even though the measurements are not accurate enough to determine whether or not floor coverings can be installed; measurements detect areas of high moisture content and indicate where further testing is required. measuring-moisture-EIFS-siding
The Electrode E16 can also be used to check moisture in small pieces and for experimental testing, because the distance between the pins can be changed.

Electrode E16
Used in construction, restoration, building surveillance and the hardwood flooring industry. Tapping on top of probes will drive the pins into the building material. Predrilling holes may be required.
The cable needs to be ordered separately.
Select BNC-E16 or mini-E16 cable to fit your meter.

Electrode E16 plus 1 pair EC pins.
Weight 8 oz (260g). Length without pins 3″ (8cm)




Lignomat moisture meters come with a full 2 year warranty. Accessories have a 1 year warranty, except pins and batteries.