Keson ST18503X 50 Ft. Ft, In, 1/8 Nylon Coated Steel Tape With Hook 3X1 Rewind

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Keson ST18503X 50 Ft. Ft, In, 1/8 Nylon Coated Steel Tape With Hook 3X1 Rewind


This Steel Tape (ST_3X and ST_Y) series is great for those who need a longer tape but like the blade protection that a closed house offers. They slip easily into a pocket, purse, tool pouch or tool belt. The ST_Y versions come with a belt clip. The cases are protected by an impact reducing rubber grip that makes it easier to hang on to them.


  • Nylon-coated blade for superior durability and rust resistance.
  • 3X gearing for quick rewind (part numbers that end in 3X).
  • High-impact resistant case with full-rubber, non-slip grip.
  • Ideal for real estate agents, general surveying, civil engineering, building construction, highway and road construction, home building, mining, etc.
  • 3/8-inch wide blade -— bends easily but not affected by wind like wider tapes

Limited lifetime warranty.

Model UPC Length Units Zero Pt. Attachment Blade
ST18503X 027248 50 ft ft, in, 1/8 Hook End Hook G1
ST10503X 027385 50 ft ft, 1/10, 1/10 Hook End Hook G2
ST181003X 026531 100 ft/30m ft, in, 1/8 Hook End Double Hook G1
ST101003X 027118 100 ft ft, 1/10, 1/10 Hook End Hook G2
ST18M503X 027644 50 ft/15m ft, in, 1/8 & m, cm, 2mm Hook End Double Hook G1 & G3
ST18M1003X 027620 100 ft/30m ft, in, 1/8 & m, cm, 2mm Hook End Double Hook G1 & G3
ST1833Y 023493 33 ft ft, in, 1/8 Hook End Hook G1
ST1850Y 023509 50 ft ft, in, 1/8 Hook End Hook G1
ST18100Y 023516 100 ft ft, in, 1/8 Hook End Hook G1
ST18M100Y 027637 100 ft./30m ft, in, 1/8 & m, cm, 2mm Hook End/td> Double Hook G1 & G3



For over 40 years, Keson steel tapes have met the highest standards of accuracy for surveyor quality measurements. They resist breakage and damage under the toughest field conditions. We understand that these tapes are critical to your profession. That's something we take very seriously, which is why we supply the best possible tapes we can.

Keson nylon-coated steel tapes are constructed with a double layered .2mm nylon, permanently bonded over a center core of 13mm steel. Our multi-layer construction assures corrosion resistance (even to salt water) and provides at least three times the usual tape life.

We have designed a variety of housing types for our customers:
Stainless Steel (SNR), 3X High-Speed Rewind (NRS) and standard 1X rewind (NR). Double riveted or screwed cases, metal reinforced handles and shovel-style, rubber grips are standard on all of our offerings.

3/8-inch wide blades are about 10-20% lighter than 1/2-inch wide blades, without sacrificing durability. The thinner blades are also less likely to drift if the wind kicks up.

Keson offers the widest product selection of double nylon-coated blades. Units, attachments and zero points vary because of the precise needs of our many customers.

Limited lifetime warranty. Warranty information: All of our warranties are against defects in material and workmanship only. Unless specifically designated as Limited Lifetime or 2-year, all merchandise is warranted for one year. Keson Industries reserves the right to impose reasonable limitations based on excessive wear, abuse, accident, alteration, modification, tampering, negligence, misuse, or lack of reasonable care of any product. Merchandise claimed defective must be returned, transportation charge prepaid, for our inspection and decision.