Keson ST10018 100' Ft, In, 1/8 Painted Steel Tape Closed Case W/Hook

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Keson ST10018 100' Ft, In, 1/8 Painted Steel Tape Closed Case W/Hook


Our standard Steel Tape (ST) series tapes come in the industry’s most durable metal housing. These long, steel tapes have a compact, closed, metal case that fits nicely in your hand. The flush-folding crank pops up for easy rewinding. If you’re measuring alone, the metal catch hook is set at zero, so there’s no need for a correction. The graduations are painted black on a durable, bright-yellow steel blade.


  • Closed, metal housing protects the tape.
  • Compact, fits easily into briefcase or even a pocket.
  • Rewind handle folds flush.

Limited lifetime warranty.

Model UPC Length Units Zero Pt. Attachment Blade
ST5018 010394 50 ft ft, 1/10, 1/100 Hook End Hook G1
ST5010 010721 50 ft ft, 1/10, 1/10 Hook End Hook G2
ST10018 010387 100 ft ft, in, 1/8 Hook End Hook G1
ST10010 010738 100 ft ft, 1/10, 1/10 Hook End Hook G2
ST10018M 027651 100 ft ft, in, 1/8 & m, cm, 2mm Hook End Hook G1 & G3
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