HF Staples Wood Tone Putty Pencils - Cherry - 6 Pack

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HF Staples Wood Tone Putty Pencils - Cherry - 6 Pack

WOOD TONE PUTTY PENCILS Putty Pencils are the easiest way yet to fill countersunk nail holes, joints, etc., and to repair gouges and scratches in interior woodwork and furniture. Putty Pencils match popular colors from top stain manufacturers. Chances are there's one that's just the right shade for the job, or you can blend them together for custom matches. Use Putty Pencils on damaged woodwork to save expensive refinishing jobs. On new woodwork, use them after the last coat of finish has dried and hardened. Putty Pencils make easy work of filling countersunk nail holes in a room full of cabinets, window frames, and moulding. Putty Pencils are a blend of six waxes saturated with rich colorants - much more than ordinary crayons can contain. By simply rubbing over a nail hole, joint or scratch, the Putty Pencil fills the repair with colorant and stays put. Wipe away excess with a cloth, and the job is complete. It's that quick and easy. In addition to woodwork, you can use Putty Pencils to repair leather (like scuffed shoes or belts) and vinyl. They can also be used creatively for any number of crafts projects