Furniture Decto Stick Scratch Repair Kit

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Furniture Decto Stick Scratch Repair Kit

DECTO-STICK Blendable scratch repair kit Use on deep nicks and scratches on interior woodwork There has never been an easier, more convenient, or less expensive way to fill and hide nicks, gouges, and scratches on any shade of interior furniture and woodwork. This complete, self-contained repair kit includes four wax sticks of carefully selected wood tones that blend together for a near perfect match every time. Begin by rubbing across the damage with a lighter colored stick, changing to the darker and reddish sticks as you go. As the sticks fill in the scratch, the colors blend to match the wood shade. If you make a blending mistake, it's simple to remove the wax and try again. Use the included scraper to remove any excess, and buff with a soft cloth. It's that easy! The hard wax sticks in place for a long-lasting, professional looking repair, and eliminates the need for expensive refinishing. Plus, you can use the same kit over and over again to match most any popular furniture shade.