Freeman wheelbarrow level legs

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Freeman wheelbarrow level legs

Keep your wheelbarrow load off the ground until you're ready. Level Legs is an innovative problem solver that is great for homeowners and contractors alike. It makes wheelbarrows safer and easier to use by self-leveling the wheelbarrow up to eight inches. Level Legs installs in just minutes. Simply remove your original wheelbarrow legs (holding on to the hardware) and attach your new Level Legs.

The patented ratcheting system of Level Legs automatically finds center while the wheelbarrow is being set down.

The legs take care of the balancing act for you!

Works on uneven terrain up to 8" or a pitch of 20°

With Level Legs you never have to be more than a few inches from your haul!

The stabilization system allows you to place your wheelbarrow right where you need it, wherever that may be.

Level Legs allows you to get up close and personal with your projects!

Conventional wheelbarrow stands are easily tipped over, especially when heavily loaded.

Level Legs allows you to take your wheelbarrow places you couldn't go before for fear of tipping over and losing your load

Level Legs is easy to install!

Simply remove the factory installed legs of your wheelbarrow and attach the Level Legs system using the same hardware in the pre-drilled holes.

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