Flooring Mallets

MALLETS Powernail® offers a complete line of mallets and accessories to compliment its line of Powernailers and Powercleats nails. The new Wedgehead™ mallet reduces wrist fatigue and provides more clearance of the strip edge above the tongue when racking the wood. Mallets 3MI Mallets 2.62 lbs (for Pneumatic Nailers) 3MI Mallets: For Pneumatic Powernailer® models 445, 50P, 200 and 250. #3 Mallets 3.2 lbs (for Pneumatic Nailers) #3 Mallets: Double-Cap White or Black Mallet for use with all Pneumatic Nailers. 5MI Mallets 3.64/4.06 lbs (for Manual Nailers) 5MI Mallets: For Manual Powernailers® 45, 45R, 101 and 101R #5 Mallets 2.12 lbs (for Manual Nailers and 50P) #5 Mallets: For Manual Powernailers® 35U, 50C, 50C FACE, 50P and 50M

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