Extreem Full Lenght Knee Pads Soft Cap

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Extreem Full Lenght Knee Pads Soft Cap

These knee pads were designed by a worker with the worker’s needs in mind. The Extreem Knees knee pads carter to the different kneeling situations that change day by day. The concept behind the design of the Extreem Knees was to give the worker a knee pad with options. Extreem Knees caters to the ever changing work environment. The knee cap section can be worn alone if the worker is only kneeling periodically through out the day. This same worker may be on his knees for a full eight hours the next day and can easily attach the shin piece for the extra protection required.

  • Full Length Design Distributes Weight Reducing Pressure Off Knee Cap Area
  • Flexible Non-Marring Rubber Shell
  • Detachable Shin Pad With Velcro Locking System
  • 7/8 Inch Thick EVA Foam
  • Packaging Includes 4 Rubber Straps, 2 Elastic “X” Straps
  • Light Weight And Easy to Clean
No. 71225 Soft Cap
No. 71226 Hard Cap