Dura Seal Wood Putty - 1lb Jar - White

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Dura Seal Wood Putty - 1lb Jar - White

DESCRIPTION Easy to use, non-hardening, wood putty color-matched to DuraSeal® Penetrating Finish and designed to fill nail holes and cover minor imperfections in stained and finished wood.

DIRECTIONS SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface must be free of dust, oil, wax and moisture. APPLICATION Stain, seal and topcoat before applying putty. Press putty into nail holes or minor imperfections. Colors can be intermixed for custom matches and variations in wood coloration. Wipe excess putty from surrounding area with damp cloth. CLEAN-UP Clean with soap and water.

STORAGE Keep containers tightly closed. To maintain product softness condense putty tightly into container, add 1/4 inch of tap water over the entire product and close lid tightly. Before next use, pour out tap water and dry excess moisture with an absorbent lint-free cloth.