14 Inch 100% Pure Lambskin Hardwood Floor Finish Applicator

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Benefits of Lambskin: All of our Professional grade products are made from 100% Pure Lambskin. Lambskin is naturally the best material available for the application of most oil-based finishes and oil based sealers. Because of the density of Lambskin, it is able to absorb more finish and, therefore, release more for a faster/smoother finish. There are between 40,000 - 60,000 wool fibers per square inch on a lambskin applicator. Despite recent efforts, technology has failed to compete with the abilities of Natural Lambskin. Lambskin is the preferred product of industry PROFESSIONALS. Complete Block & Refill Pad Item #11401



Maintain your floors by giving them a durable finish, using the Floor Applicator Mop Head with a wooden applicator block. Made from lambswool, this applicator pad spreads wax, acrylic, urethane and other liquid finishes evenly. The applicator refill pad is held between two blocks, measuring 2.25 inches wide, by means of thumbscrews.


  • Can be used to apply liquid finishes on smooth surfaces
  • Lambswool facilitates uniform application of liquid finishes such as wax, acrylic and more
  • Offers wider coverage in one sweep
  • Can be used with a Universally threaded handle
  • Dimensions: 14"W x 6"L


Great for applying oil based polyurethane floor finishes